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UniFi AI Theta Professional Security Camera

UniFi AI Theta Professional Security Camera


SKU:00335 - P/N: UVC-AI-Theta-Pro

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A complete ceiling 360° AI Theta system designed to discreetly provide a panoramic view of large, busy spaces.


Kit includes (1) AI Theta Hub, (1) Professional 360 Lens, (1) Standard Flush Mount, and (1) Professional Flush Mount

4K (8MP) resolution with ultra-wide 360° view

Exceptional image quality with superb low-light performance and enhanced dynamic range

Advanced AI: Detect people, read license plates, and more*

Minimal footprint with lens separated from the camera body

Professional Flush Mount allows for mounting lens without access to the rear of a ceiling or wall

PoE-powered hub that connects to lens with included cable

Supports optional AI Theta Audio module for two-way audio

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