Apple Data Recovery

Yes, we even do Apple data recovery; something even Apple themselves rarely do. From a broken iPhone to a dead MacBook, to an unresponsive iMac, if it is an apple product, we just might be able to help you get your data back. We’ve been able to recover data that Apple themselves had deemed impossible. That is why we are the number 1 recommended data recovery experts by our local Apple stores.

Quick Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves on our efficiency. We do the best we can to ensure our customer’s computers are returned back to them as soon as possible. We understand the need for your computer to be working properly and having to be without it for any period of time. That is why we offer our customers 1-2 day(s) or even same day repairs. Our goal is to reduce down time and any impacts to productivity. You can be worried free knowing that our team of highly specialized technicians make sure that your computer is properly and efficiently diagnosed and repaired with the highest quality of service.

What Our Customers Say

  • Networking Solutions

    Making sure that networks are secure and effective is crucial for any business. Take networking to a whole new level with smart networking that gives you full control over everything on your network. We offer a unified tier 1, 2, or 3 network infrastructure solution that manages your internet, security system, phone systems, and door access system.

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  • Security Solutions

    Keeping your business secure can be difficult. Our unified smart security solution, which includes security cameras and door access systems that would keep track of who is entering or exiting the building or other part of the building and when would be perfect for keeping your business secure. Explore the options we have for you.

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  • Collaboration Solutions

    It is important for business managers and officials to have meetings and collaborate with their staff and other vendors. What better way to do that than having the perfect solution which allows you to not only collaborate in-person but remotely as well. Take a look at the solutions we have to offer to take collaboration to the the next level.

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  • Video Walls

    In need for a large format display? We offer large to extra-large display solutions for all sorts of applications. The large displays are great solutions for theaters, college auditoriums, or even for hospitality display setups. If you are in the market for a large format display for your business needs, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Looking To Improve or Modernize The IT Infrastructure of Your Business?

Our unified solution model for businesses is to allow companies and corporations to improve productivity and performance while having futuristic and modern cutting-edge technology to make it all happen. From smart security systems allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your business no matter where you are, to smartboards allowing business owners, executives, and staff to collaborate in an efficient, effective, futuristic method no matter where you are. We strive to give businesses a modern futuristic technology driven echo system that would increase productivity and efficiency making your business more successful. Our team of specialists can have consultation sessions to get an understanding of your business and what you would like to achieve and bring it to fruition through recommendations and solutions that we have to offer. To get more information and learn more about the solutions we have to offer, please look below. To speak to one of our IT solutions specialists, please fill out the Contact Us form below and a team member will get back to you shortly.

Our purpose is in our name. From computer repair and data recovery, to remote troubleshooting or simply a place for advice. Total Data Support is an all encompassing technology company. With the fastest turnaround in the industry, we strive to provide the pinnacle of hassle-free customer experience. If you have any problems, chances are we take care of it.