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About Us

Mission Statement

We understand the urgency of recovery or repair for work or school because we’ve been there—dropped phones, spontaneous hard-drive failures, spilled coffee on our beloved laptops, falling asleep on our keyboards while typing our capstone projects and waking up to discover a blue screen of death. We didn’t agree with the cost of data recovery and technology repair, if we could even find the services we needed, and we certainly were not impressed with the turnaround times given in most cases. We figured other people were as well. So, we decided that instead of pointing our fingers, we would take it upon ourselves to provide data recovery and technology repair services at reasonable rates and with reasonable turnaround time. Because we know what it’s like to be on the other side.

Who We Are

We are the computer repair and data recovery specialists. We perform computer and other electronics repairs, data recovery, and sell computers. We perform computer repairs from simple virus removals, operating system clean-up and tune-up to complex repairs such as motherboard replacements, display replacements, etc. We perform data recovery on multiple different storage platforms. We recover deleted or lost files and data extractions from storage devices that are no longer functioning. Our goal at Total Data Support is to impact the technology service provider industry at a new level. We strive to create the ultimate customer experience and show our customers the next level to customer service. We strive to create a one-stop IT solution company from computer and electronics repair to a complete Tech solution consisting of software and devices.

Company History

In 2019, Total Data Support’s founder, Zeeshan Zulfiqar had performed a data recovery on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that was sent through a washing machine. The phone was heavily damaged with a broken display, broken back glass, and filled with water. The phone was unresponsive and had to go through a precarious teardown where Zeeshan was able to recover 100% of the data off the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Zeeshan Zulfiqar, is the current owner and CEO of Total Data Support.

The company first started as a data recovery company and branched into computer and electronics repairs. Total Data Support have partnered with Lenovo, Gillware, and PC-Doctor to bring new possibilities and all-inclusive experience for our customers. Total Data Support is growing daily and striving to become the leaders in one-stop IT solutions.