Abandonment Policy

The client abandonment policy is for 16-days. NOTE ALL CLIENT TECHNOLOGY, DEVICES, and/or ACCESSORIES will be recycled if the technology, devices, or accessories are not picked up within the 16-days from the day of completion of completed or declined service orders.

TOTAL DATA SUPPORT will hold any unretrieved technology, devices, and/or accessories for 16 (sixteen) days after completion of services order or declined services. If the technology, devices, and/or accessories are still unretrieved by the end of the 16-day period, Total Data Support reserves the right to send the technology, devices, and/or accessories for recycling.

NOTE prior to the recycling date, Total Data Supportwill notify the client at the 5-days, 10-days, and 15-days mark via phone call, voicemail, text message, email, and a letter mailed to their address informing them of their unretrieved technology, devices, and/or accessories. Total Data Support will NOT BE LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE TO ISSUE REFUNDS OR PAYOUTS for any service charges, value of items recycled, or damages.

NOTE in the event the 16-days is not enough due to an emergency or personal reason, clients may request an extension of the policy to accommodate their needs. Clients must contact the Customer Care Team to get an approval of extension and claim number. Please NOTE any number of days requested beyond the 16-days will be an additional cost for storing the item(s). There will be a $5.00 fee for every day extended past 16-days.

NOTE once the 16-day hold period has completed and the item(s) have been sent for recycling, the client will NOT receive any compensation for the item(s) sent for recycling. The client will also NOT receive a refund for any service(s) performed on the technology or devices that have been sent for recycling.